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Bill LeGrave began his Rolfing experience in 1986.  After seeking various types of treatment for a herniated disc including medical in the form of anti-inflamatories, pain pills and muscle relaxants in addition to physical therapy he tried a more holistic approach for the sciatic pain down his left leg. 

Acupuncture kept the pain away for 3 hour stints.  Chiropractic treatments helped for awhile, but it always came back.  After 5 years of these treatments he met a Rolfer who explained this common-sense structural approach to reorganizing the body.  The sciatic pain went away after his third treatment and stayed away for 15 years. 

Upon completion of his Rolfing training, Bill sold his wholesale greenhouse in Milwaukee, went back to college to take the required pre-requisites to get into the Rolf Institute and in 1989 completed his training.  He worked one year in Milwaukee before moving to the greater Palm Springs area.  In 2002 Bill completed his Advanced Rolfing training.


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