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After completing a basic series of Rolfing treatments, a client's body will continue to undergo changes for up to 6 months.  After this time we suggest you get a treatment of Rolfing ever 6-9 months.  This will continue to keep your body in alignment.  There are some things that may knock your body out of alignment such as: a car accident; a prolonged illness; gaining a great deal of weight in a short period of time; losing a great deal of weight in a short period of time; a pregnancy; an emotional trauma such as a death, a nasty divorce, a rape or mugging.  Usually 1-3 treatments will realign the body.  If this does not complete the realignment process an Advanced Series of Rolfing may be implemented.

Advanced Rolfing
After a Rolfer has been certified by the Rolf Institute and has worked as a Rolfing practitioner of Structural Integration for 3-7 years he must take his Advanced Rolfing training.  This training allows the Rolfer to look and work outside of Ida Rolf's basic Rolfing series framework if needed.  Advanced Rolfing for a client may focus on a more chronic pattern of misalignment.  Advanced Rolfing may work with a focus on movement patterns, breathing abnormalities, gait, flexibility, or any number of different problems within the body.  Usually advanced Rolfing consists of less than ten treatments.



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