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I have to tell you that I initially sought rolfing over twenty years ago, when I had a herniated disc., was in tremendous pain and was thinking of back surgery.  It changed my life forever and I became a great believer in the rolfing technique.  Today I stand erect, I'm balanced, my chest is open and I am always ready for life's experiences. I am more aware of my body and I my body feels great. I have been getting rolfed ever since. Rolfing became the key to healing my physical self and is part of my overall health program.

Since I moved to Palm Desert ten years ago I have been going to Bill LeGrave in Palm Springs. I know that your rolfing sessions are only as good as your therapist and Bill is a highly skilled advanced rolfer with the experience, knowledge and sensitivity to know what your problem is and how to take care of it. Whenever I have a muscular or structural problem, he can fix me. I see Bill at least every 6 weeks and this has been the source of a much better way of life for me. He straightens my body, enables me to wall taller, have better balance and he gives me a general feeling of well being.

I owe him a tremendous amount of gratitude.

Thank you Bill

Maureen C.
Palm Desert, CA

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Rolfing in the Desert
Bill LeGrave, Certified Advanced Rolfer
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By Appointment Only
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